A lot of people in the trucking industry will use the term “hotshot trucking,” without much context or explanation behind it. What is hotshot trucking? Well, put simply, it’s a type of trucking that generally carries smaller and more time-sensitive materials. If something needs to get somewhere quickly and is of the right size, hotshot drivers are often the best bet.

Most of the time, a hotshot truck is a pick-up truck of varying size and capability. Hotshot drivers have always been known as the quick necessity loads, while semis more often carry the standard freight. A lot of times, you’ll see a hotshot driver with farming equipment or something of the sort on their trailer.

However, just because a hotshot driver may not be driving a semi doesn’t mean that they’re necessarily exempt from using an ELD. If the hotshot driver is carrying any commercial freight on a regular basis/is crossing state lines, then they need to use an ELD like any other truck driver.

DriveELD is a great solution for hotshot drivers because it’s both extremely user-friendly (for those time-sensitive situations), and it’s one of the least expensive options on the market. For just $180 a year, you can get the device and subscription, which includes the following:

  • Full FMCSA ELD compliance
  • IFTA fuel tax reporting
  • Document and receipt scanning
  • Fleet management, tracking, and breadcrumb trails
  • Compliant and closed workflow DVIR
  • Easy edibility of logs
  • More!

All these features have been made with a driver’s limited time in mind, so it’s a very hands-off app and experience as a whole. IFTA reporting is tracked for the driver and downloadable at the click of a button, DVIRs are streamlined, and initial setup only takes a couple of minutes.

But, why listen to us when you can see for yourself what you think: We’ll offer you a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you aren’t happy with everything, we’ll get you your money back, no questions asked. So, go ahead and order today or give us a call at 866-623-7483 ext. 1 with any questions.