Simple and powerful.

DriveELD helps you with more than compliance — the entire system will help you cut your costs and streamline your trucking business. The DriveELD platform gives you the power to control your entire fleet in real-time and will provide your fleet the tools that normally cost large fleets a fortune for a fraction of the cost.

Easy to install and not intrusive.

Installation Takes Minutes

Simply plug the device in the port and it will be ready to pair with the Mobile App. No special in-vehicle wiring or in-person installation required.

Stays Out of the Driver’s Way

The PT30 device is durable and the long cable can sit anywhere in the cab. It will stay out of the driver’s way.

Safe & Secure

Encrypted data throughout the ELD platform and secure pairing protocol on the device is designed to stop unauthorized use of the system.

Device Backs-Up Engine Data

On-device storage ensures that you won’t lose your driving data even if the mobile device loses connection. As soon as you reconnect, the driving records will get caught back up.

Trucks of All Shapes & Sizes

The PT30 works for every major truck manufacturer : our device supports all J1939 vehicles and most OBDII ports .

Intuitive and time saving.

Stay Up-To-Date

Easily go back to previous logs and see what the status of those logs are. The Driver App will notify the driver if there are outstanding issues with a past log that they need to fix.

Effortless Log Management

Adding, editing, and deleting events is one or two clicks away. Drivers will spend less time on their logs and more time on their driving.

Breeze Through Stops

Law enforcement can view your logs on your phone, email the logs, or directly send your logs to the FMCSA. Log inspection is easy through the App.

Eliminate Paperwork

Save thousands of dollars a year on paperwork by using our automated reporting process.

More than compliance.

Total HOS Picture

See the status of your drivers in real-time. If a driver is in danger of an hours of service violation or needs an update to their log, the fleet app will help you out.

In-App Notifications

Our webapp will notify you of major issues that need resolution. If a new driver comes aboard or you have to resolve a driving problem, a notification will pop up.

Additional Features

DVIR & Vehicle Diagnostics

Easily fill out pre and post trip vehicle inspection reports on the Mobile App. Use the fleet manager to see your vehicle’s health in real time and over that vehicle’s life and get help for drivers when their vehicle need support.

IFTA – Easy Fuel Tax Filing

As you drive, your mobile app will record your odometer as you travel across state boundaries. Download trip reports from the website to assist you in calculating total mileage per jurisdiction for IFTA.

Vehicle Tracking

Get up to date information on exactly where your vehicle is and track the status of that vehicle over time.

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