Here at DriveELD we have found that drivers are often unsure of what type of diagnostic port their truck has. There are a few ways to find out that we wanted to show you. First there are three main types of diagnostic ports, 6-pin (J1708), 9-pin (J1939), and OBDII’s. Generally light and medium duty trucks use OBDII ports whereas heavy duty trucks use 6-pin or 9-pin ports. Volvo and Mack trucks with OBDII ports use a different, more heavy duty cable.

6-pin (J1708)


9-pin (J1939)




The DriveELD package comes with a cable that connects the device to 9-pin (J1939) ports.

Diagnostic ports are generally located below the steering wheel on the left side. See common locations marked on the graphic.

Your truck’s engine type can also be used to find your diagnostic port. Below is a guide on how that works.

Vehicle Diagnostic Port Guide

Make/TypeYearEngineDiagnostic Port
Freightliner2005 & olderAll6-pin
2015 & newer*All9-pin Type II (green)
Kenworth2005 & olderAll6-pin
2015 & newer*All9-pin Type II (green)
Peterbilt2005 & olderAll6-pin
2015 & newer**All9-pin Type II (green)
International2006 & olderCummins6-pin
2005 & olderCAT6-pin
2015 & newer*All9-pin Type II (green)
Volvo2000 & olderVolvo6-pin
2014 & newerVolvoOBDII Plug (16-pin)
2016 & newer*Cummins9-pin Type II (green)
Mack2000 & olderVolvo6-pin
2014 & newerVolvoOBDII Plug (16-pin)
Western Star2006–2016Cummins9-pin
2016 & newer*Cummins9-pin Type II (green)
2015 & newer*All9-pin
Light/Medium Duty Vehicle2008 & newerAll Diesel and GasOBDII Plug (16-pin)

*Ensure that the diagnostics port on your truck does have a 9-pin connection
**Peterbilt and International trucks manufactored from 2017-2018 will require a special 9-pin cable