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How do I view my driver’s logs?

  • Select Logs from the left sidebar of the Drive Carrier Site to go to the Logs page. There you will see a list of logs from all current drivers.
  • Search for drivers by entering their names in the search bar in the upper right.
  • To view logs within a specific date range, use the Date Range option located under the driver search.
  • Filter logs based on Drive hours, DVIR submission, Signature status, Edit status, HOS Violations, Form and Manner Violations, and open DVIR submissions. An open DVIR submission indicates that there is an issue reported by the driver for the vehicle that they are operating.
  • Selecting a log takes you to that log’s page located within the driver’s page. There is a download button to download that log and an edit button to send the driver edits for that log.

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