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How do I connect my hardware?

Locate your diagnostic port while your engine is turned off. Here are the most common locations of the diagnostic port.

Your diagnostic port can be 6-pin, 9-pin, or OBDII. The Drive ELD cable is for 9-pin ports, adapters can be purchased for 6-pin and OBDII ports.

Attach the free end of the cable to the Drive ELD device.

Position the device so that it does not impact your driving abilities or restrict your movement. The device must be positioned to not interfere with the driver’s use of the pedals. The device does not need to be on the dash.

Once you have plugged the device in, you will see red and green indicator lights. Note that you may need to look closely to see the actual LED through the window. For power management reasons, sometimes the LEDs will not stay on.


LED State
OffGPS power management
engaged. GPS is turned off, GPS
backup clock is ON.
BlinkingGPS is in acquisition mode.
OnGPS signal is locked.

Green LED

LED State
OffDevice is not plugged in.
Short BlinkDevice is powered, but a vehicle
is not detected.
Fast BlinkVehicle activity detected, device
is registering.
OnDevice is registered on the

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