How do I edit my company settings?

  • Select the Company Settings tab from the left sidebar of the DriveELD Carrier Site to go to the Company Settings page.
  • Under the profile tab, you can view your carrier’s current company icon, name, DOT number, timezone, and 24 hour starting time.
  • To add or change your company icon, click on the Change button next to the icon. A window will pop up allowing you to search the images on your computer.
  • Once you have selected the new image click Open and your new company icon will be uploaded.
  • On the profile tab of the Company Settings page, you can edit your Carrier Name and DOT Number, but your Timezone and 24 hour starting time cannot be changed.
  • If you do make edits, make sure you click the Update Settings button at the bottom to save them.
  • Click the Address tab to view and edit the company address and phone number.
  • Again, remember to click the Update Settings button to save any changes you make to this information.

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