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How do I edit my company settings?

  • Select Company Settings from the left sidebar of the Drive Carrier Site to go to the Company Settings page. The Company Settings are only visible to Admins.
  • Under the Account tab, view your carrier’s current subscription tier, purchase hardware or accessories, and manage your subscriptions. The two tiers available are Base ELD and Navigator. The Navigator tier has everything the Base ELD tier has as well as turn-by-turn navigation for the drivers and messaging between carriers and drivers.
  • Select the Purchase Hardware & Accessories button to go to the shop page. There you can purchase additional ELD Devices as well as adapters. Select the Fleet Login link at the top to go back to the Carrier Site.
  • On the Company Settings page select the Manage Subscription button. At the top of the popup you can see your tier, number of drivers, and the amount you are being billed. To edit your tier or number of drivers call Drive at 1 866 623 7483. To edit your billing address or payment method select the corresponding link. Under Billing History you will see a log of all of your account’s charges. Select the Download link next to a charge to download a PDF receipt. Exit the Manage Subscription popup with the X in the upper right.
  • Under the Profile tab, view your carrier’s company icon, name, DOT number, timezone, and 24 hour starting time. Select the Update Settings button at the bottom to save any edits. Timezone and 24 hour starting time cannot be edited.
  • On the Address tab, view and edit the company address and phone number.
  • Again, remember to select the Update Settings button to save any edits.

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