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How do I change my duty status?

  • Your current duty status is visible at the bottom of the Today’s Trip page, which can be accessed through the menu. You can manually change your duty status by tapping your current duty status.
  • You will be taken to the Change Duty Status page, where you will be able to select from On Duty Not Driving, Off Duty, Sleeper Berth, and-if enabled-Personal Conveyance and Yard Move.
  • Driving time is recorded automatically. If you are logged in, connected to the truck, and the vehicle goes 5 mph or faster the app will automatically place you in On Duty Driving. The only way to prevent yourself from going On Duty Driving is to be in Yard Move, Personal Conveyance, disconnected from the hardware, or logged out of the app. Driving time, including special driving time like Yard Moves and Personal Conveyance, cannot be changed.

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