As always, the DriveELD team has been working behind the scenes to make sure our customers have the smoothest experience possible, both in and out of the truck. Now, we are excited to announce our partnership with HD Fleet.

HD Fleet is an all-encompassing GPS and dashcam service that is guaranteed to increase your company’s overall safety, efficiency, and productivity. They can also help prevent things like false accident claims and vehicle theft. Here are a few more of the great perks you can unlock with HD Fleet:

  • Front-and-back-facing dashcam, that shows both the road and the driver, with active distracted driving alerts and automatic recording.
  • Full GPS features, including geofencing and alerts for both speeding and hard braking
  • Up to 10% off of insurance premiums
  • Live and past dashcam video review
  • Collision detection and alert system

While some trucking and logistics companies have likely had some growing pains related to the adoption of new technologies, DriveELD and HD Fleet promise to help make your integration as quick and seamless as possible. We have countless resources available online, along with customer support teams that are primed and ready to help whenever you need.

What this means for You:

If you don’t think you have a need for additional GPS tracking, a dashcam, or any of the other great perks mentioned above, then you’re free to keep rolling. Prices aren’t increasing, and our great service will stay the way it’s been from the start.

If you think you or your company would be interested in using HD Fleet in conjunction with DriveELD, feel free to shoot DriveELD (866-623-7483) or HD Fleet (833-433-5338) an email or phone call.