The intrastate ELD deadline for Florida is set for January 1st, 2020. This means that essentially all (with a few exemptions listed later) commercial truck drivers in Florida will need to be ELD-compliant by the beginning of the new year, regardless of whether or not they run exclusively within state lines.


Intrastate vs. Interstate: What does it mean?

Interstate driving is defined as any time a driver crosses state lines with commercial property, even if the delivery location is in the same state. For example, a driver has to go through Wisconsin to get to from the southern tip of Michigan to the western Upper Peninsula. Even though they’re still ending in the same state, they crossed state lines. This means they are driving under interstate rules.

Intrastate driving is when the driver never leaves the state to finish a delivery. So, a delivery from Tampa to Jacksonville, Florida is intrastate commerce. As long as the driver doesn’t cross state lines, they are intrastate driving.


Rules for the Florida Intrastate Mandate

  • 12 hours of driving in a day, with 70 hours total in an eight-day period.
  • A 30-minute break of off-duty time after eight hours of driving
  • A 10-hour break after 12 hours of driving time.
  • No more than 14 hours of on-duty time on any given day.


Exemptions for the new intrastate ELD rule

According to Florida’s official State Legislature website:

  • All CMVs that carry agricultural products within a 150 air-mile radius.
  • Trucks with engines that were manufactured before the year 2000.
  • Truck drivers with RODs of less than eight days because of short transportation.

It is still important that drivers keep logs that are able to prove they are exempt from the use of an ELD, should they be stopped on the road by an officer.


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